Leopard Geckos Come In Many Different Morphs!

Leopard geckos come in some many different color morphs. Now you might be asking yourself what are exactly? Morphs are selectively bred leopard geckos that have different colors, sizes and patterns. For example tremper leopard gecko morphs are light yellow,orange or pink in color and may have light orange or brown markings. You can look a at all the other leopard gecko morphs on this link Below.

Leopard gecko morphs

Leopard Geckos Have A Really Easy Diet

Leopard geckos have a really easy diet. Now you might be asking yourself, what does leopard geckos eat? Leopard geckos are insectivores (which means they only eat bugs). The bugs leopard geckos eat are crickets, dubi roaches, mealworms, waxworms and hornworms. These bugs are very cheap and you can find them in your local petstore. The table below will tell you where to find these bugs and also tell you how much to feed to your leopard gecko. You will also need repti calcium and reptivite so you can dust all the feeder insects before you find your leopard gecko. Click ont he two pictures below and they will send you to a cite on where you can buy these items.

Type of bug Where to find How much to feed
Crickets Local Petstore 5-7
Dubi roaches Local Petstore 6-16
Mealworms Local Petstore 5-7
Waxworms Local Petstore 3-5 (But only as treats and you should give it to your pet leopard gecko occasional).
Hornworms Local Petstore 3-4 small or 2-3 medium-sized