Leopard Geckos

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What Is A Leopard Gecko?

A leopard gecko is a reptile that comes from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, India, and Nepal. Leopard geckos are popular pets and you can find them in any petstore (like Petsmart and Petco for example.) The reasons why they make great pets is they are afordble, they come in many different morphs and they have a really easy diet.

Leopard Geckos Are Very Affordable

Now you might be asking yourself, how much is a leopard gecko? The price for a leopard gekco is normaly $20 -$40 at petstores. The price for a leopard gecko can go up depending on what type of leopard gecko morph you get. For example you see a leopard that cost just $20 while when you see a leopard gecko online or at a petshop for over $20. So, if you just want a $20 leopard gekco you would just go to a petstore or if you want to buy a leopard gecko that is over $20, you would just buy it from online.